Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Response to Bandaids and Bullet Holes

So a dear friend of mine recently blogged about how I am the friend she goes to who refuses to suger coat a candy bar. That's not exactly what she said, but it's basically the truth. As all of my dearest and closest friends know, please don't come to me if you want to be pacified or told how everything in life is going to be okay.

I very much believe that God is going to make everything fantastic, fabulous and perfect when we are restored to Him in His amazing Heaven; however, I don't believe that everything is going to work out into a neat little package here on earth. There is nothing worse than being told, "it's okay, everything will work out in the end." What happens when it doesn't and we are made out to be liars?

I'm currently at a time in my life where myself and many of my friends are in transition. Well, to be honest, we've been in trasition for a long time and we don't seem to be settling down any time soon. Figuring out dating, new marriages, babies, how to live after having a baby, people not liking who we are, feeling inadequate, feeling lonely, being mentally over stimulated, losing jobs we love, losing jobs we hate, wishing we had a job, reconciling old friendships, reconciling new friendships, my generation is a mess.

And that is where I come in. I'm the "no" girl. It's not that I am unkind or uncaring. Honestly, it's quite the opposite of this. I care very deeply and can't face being the person who sugar coats a situation by saying, "it's going to be okay," when very likely it's "not going to be okay." My friends come to me when they are looking for someone to help them feel grounded and secure. I will always listen and be loving. I will tell you though, that being loving does not mean that I'm going to agree with you, but I will help you gain perspective and let you know that even if the outcome is going to suck, you aren't alone in your suckiness.

And so begins the blog of the "No" Girl.